Company History

Company History

Founded in 1993, Cabot Communications, headquartered in Bristol, UK, was one of the forerunners of the digital TV revolution.

Additional Information

The Cabot name was inspired by John Cabot, the explorer who famously set sail from Bristol aboard the Matthew in 1497 to become one of the first Europeans to land on the North American mainland.  As such the Cabot name encapsulates both our local heritage and the enterprising, pioneering spirit of our company.  

Working in partnership with early innovators such as SES-ASTRA, Telewest and the BBC, Cabot helped to develop some of the industry's pioneering solutions for interactive services, content creation and delivery.  Cabot was one of the earliest contributors to the MHEG-5 interactive standard and was responsible for the first public demonstration of a MHEG-5 engine on a real set-top-box in 1998.  

From that point onwards, Cabot developed an exclusive focus on open-standards based software technology for the DVB market, receiving several awards, including the 2004 Cable & Satellite International Product of the Year award for Best Interactive Technology and with many products featuring Cabot middleware winning ‘best buy’ awards. 

In 2008 Cabot went onto win the ‘Best Interactive TV Technology or Application’ award at the Cable and Satellite 2008 Awards and was also shortlisted in the ‘Best HDTV Technology or Project’ category.  Recently, Cabot won the 'Best HDTV Technology' award at the Cable and Satellite 2010 Awards.