Cabot Communications wins ‘Best HDTV Technology’ Cable and Satellite Award at IBC 2010

Sep 10, 2010

Cabot won the award for their “Hyperion” middleware solution for DVB-T2 Freeview HD receivers.  Hyperion uses the latest modulation and coding techniques to maximise the efficient use of the terrestrial spectrum for the delivery of HD audio, video and data services as well as providing interactive HD-MHEG, including an IP Return Channel.  Hyperion takes full advantage of the capabilities of DVB-T2, offering much more HD content in the same bandwidth and with the same quality as conventional DVB-T; as well as an even more efficient use of the UHF radio spectrum. 


Bob Lamb, Managing Director of Cabot Communications commented “Hyperion builds significantly on our existing solutions to take advantage of the increased capacity and bandwidth generated by the rollout of DVB-T2 infrastructure throughout the UK.  As a result, it utilises a new underlying transport technology to deliver services and fully utilises the increased coding capabilities of MPEG-4 to provide a suite of next-generation HD services and experience to the user which has been previously difficult for free to air receivers to achieve.”


Cabot worked to help to finalise the Freeview HD system specification (D-Book v6.1) and provided much input and support to the trial and testing of the new technology, alongside Freeview, the BBC and DTG Testing Ltd.  Additionally, the Cabot solution supported the prototype receivers deployed in the BBC’s DVB-T2 field tests with prototype receivers using Cabot’s DVB-T2 implementation having been used both in offices and homes across UK regions within Freeview HD coverage.  As a result of the positive feedback from the trial, Cabot’s DVB-T2 Freeview HD certified solution, one of the first in the world, is now in production.


Mr Lamb continued “In developing this leading-edge solution, Cabot has not only created a middleware solution which meets the largely untapped demand for free to air HD services across the UK, but has also provided a major contribution towards the progress of this new technology throughout the industry.  This activity and the resulting technology will be of great benefit to manufacturers and the UK broadcast industry in general, which Cabot is very passionate about.  We are delighted to have won a Cable and Satellite award as a result of this work.”