Cabot has developed ‘Connected Home’ interoperability software which enables a network of multimedia devices to work seamlessly together so that consumers can access all their media content within the home from one convenient place.

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)

Cabot is a DLNA Promoter Member and shares the DLNA vision of a wired and wireless interoperable network made up of consumer electronics, PCs and mobile devices and of a new, more compatible digital environment in which digital media can be easily accessed and enjoyed, regardless of who made the devices.  It is a vision shared by a growing membership of 220 companies, including leaders from the consumer electronics, computing, mobile device and content service provider industries.

The advantages of DLNA

Multimedia devices which have been certified as ‘DLNA compliant’ provide assurance to the consumer that it will automatically share media content with any other DLNA compliant device, independent of the manufacturer.  For example, a DLNA compliant STB can access and play MP3s from a DLNA compliant PC regardless of the manufacturer of either device.  The technology is based upon Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) network protocols which allow media devices to connect seamlessly and automatically. 

The integration of UPnP functionality into Cabot software will enable compliant digital entertainment devices to work together on home networks allowing seamless streaming and playing of media content such as movies, music, games and photos between the devices. 

For example, through a single internet access point in the home consumers would be able to use compliant technology to:

  • View downloaded content from the internet such as video files on a TV screen within the home
  • Access music files and audio content from a networked audio device
  • View home videos stored on the home PC on television within the home
  • Access content stored on a DVR from STB, IDTV or other DVR