DVB Core

DVB Core

Cabot’s DVB Core has been designed and tested to deliver progressive cross-market functionality.

A single DVB solution for the global marketplace

Divergent digital television standards and regulations make it problematic to release one solution throughout the global marketplace.  However, multiple product variants are costly and increase time to market.  Cabot’s DVB Core, known as Eclipse, is pre-integrated with all the different DVB profiles in use in various countries around the world and can be used in a range of digital devices such as:

  • STB
  • DVR
  • IDTV
  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray or DVD-Recorders
  • Hybrid Solutions such as IPTV/STB/DVR/TV
  • Personal Media Players

In addition, Eclipse supports every DVB transmission network: DVB-S/2 (satellite), DVB-C (cable) and DVB-T/2 (terrestrial). 

Eclipse is a portable modular DVB Core that it is fully hardware and operating system independent. 

Advanced technical feature set

As well as all the standard DVB Core functionality such as full EPG, parental control and programme genres, Teletext and subtitles, Eclipse also includes support for:

  • Single or multiple tuners across a wide range of devices such as IDTV, DVR, STB
  • A variety of internet based functionality including web browser 
  • Full widget library management solution together with sample Widgets
  • Support for UI applications defined using SVG or proprietary UI tools
  • Full TV control functionality for picture, sound and interactive services for both analogue and digital services through a single software stack
  • Sophisticated CI+ content protection
  • Pre integrated conditional access solutions
  • Advanced MHEG functionality including HD support and Return Channel
  • Access to external mass storage devices with Enhanced Media Browser enabling display and playback of audio, video or picture content downloaded from the internet or content held on a camera or any other USB mass storage device
  • Dynamic plug & play DVR Ready functionality enabling consumers to easily upgrade a device which does not have an internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to having DVR functionality using an external HDD, such as a USB mass storage device
  • Seamless software updates using DVB SSU
  • Dolby Digital (AC3) audio

Cabot technology also supports industry standards such as Freeview+, Freesat and Boxer.