TV Operation Software

TV Operation Software

Cabot’s integrated TV solution software has been developed as a single software stack DTV solution that seamlessly supports both analogue and digital TV broadcasts and performs hybrid operations according to the operation state.

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One chip for a high quality viewing experience

Cabot’s integrated TV solution software, known as AuroraTV, is a platform independent solution which negates the need for two different chip sets where both analogue and digital transmission support is required.  Traditional dual chip solutions are frequently complex, revolving around two different software stacks, each with its own independent, and often incongruous, applications and menu designs.  Such solutions often result not only in lengthy integration times but also a poor end-user experience, with consumers being confused by separate menus and service lists.

AuroraTV provides full TV control for picture, sound and interactive services for both analogue and digital services through a single software stack.  It includes many features designed to further enhance the viewing experience including an optional HD User Interface (UI) and On Screen Display (OSD).  AuroraTV was shortlisted in the ‘Best HDTV Technology or Project’ category in the 2008 Cable and Satellite Awards.  Its features include:

  • Full VHF/UHF/Cable band automatic search configurable for Analogue, Digital or both broadcast types with mixed/separate service list support (Analogue & Digital, Analogue only, Digital only, Radio Only, TV only, Text only etc)
  • The ability to control TV specific picture and sound settings such as brightness, contrast, colour, tint, volume control, multi standard analogue/digital sound detection as well as platform specific audio features (e.g. graphic equaliser, dynamic bass, subwoofer, virtual Dolby, Surround Sound).  Also includes audio description support and selectable zoom modes
    Configurable control for external TV input audio-video such as HDMI, SCART, VGA, SVID, CVBS and LEFT-RIGHT Audio through one source with automatic SCART and HDMI switching
  • Consolidated and consistent user interface with extensive country support including multi-language menu options, subtitle and audio support
    10 Recording timers (Once, Daily, Weekly) for both digital and analogue sources
  • Scalable Vector Graphics Support
  • Enhanced Media Browser for displaying JPEG images, playback of MP3s and for streaming additional industry standard codecs (such as Windows Media, DivX, FLV, AVI)
  • Picture In Picture, Picture And Picture, Picture And Teletext support
  • Single software upgrades for the whole system via OAD or USB
  • Teletext Level 1.5 or Level 2.5 support for both digital and analogue services as well as DVB & Teletext subtitles
  • Full CI+ support as well as for a number of popular integrated CA modules