DVR Ready & Enhanced Media Browser

DVR Ready & Enhanced Media Browser

Cabot has developed additional technology components which have been designed to further extend the standard capabilities of digital TV devices.

DVR Ready

DVR Ready has been developed as a dynamic plug & play STB or IDTV solution to enable consumers to easily upgrade a device which does not have an internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to having DVR functionality using an external HDD, such as a USB mass storage device.

DVR Ready provides similar functionality that you would expect with any DVR such as:

  • Twin recording capability for dual tuner solutions, enabling two programmes to be recorded simultaneously
  • Freeview Playback Group 1 and 2 compliance, allowing automatic “series-link” and “split-event” recordings
  • “Live pause” feature with review buffer and full trick mode support
  • One-touch programme recording via an 8-day EPG
  • Assisted conflict resolution, allowing easy detection and correction of recording conflicts via a display of alternate programme instances
  • Automatic tracking of event times and adjustment to changes in the broadcast schedule
  • Full recordings library with current viewed programmes status
  • An archiving feature, enabling programmed sequences of recordings to be played out to an external recorder (e.g. VCR or DVD-R)

In addition, personal DVR recordings can also be easily exported to USB devices, through the supported USB 2.0 hi-speed interface.

Enhanced Media Browser

Enhanced Media Browser (EMB) provides easy access to external mass storage devices.  This enables end-users to display and playback audio, video or picture content downloaded from the internet or content held on a camera or any other USB mass storage device.  The media types currently supported include:

  • Video: Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, H.264/Mpeg-4, DivX, Xvid
  • Subtitles: Sub and SRT
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA
  • Images: JPEG, BMP and GIF

EMB provides the user with all the functionality expected of traditional MP3 players with the additional benefits provided by its file operation and viewing functions.  The picture viewer supports HD JPEG picture files and provides the user with a range of functionality including the ability to:

  • View thumbnail previews whilst browsing
  • Rotate images
  • Create slideshows which can include concurrent MP3 playback
  • Loop or shuffle slideshows