Cabot continues to research and develop MHEG-5 and to promote its use through the International MHEG Promotion Alliance (Impala).

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MHEG Country Support

Cabot’s MHEG engine fully supports the New Zealand MHEG profile for Set Top Boxes (STBs) and Digital Televisions (DTVs) coexisting with the UK MHEG profile within the same engine, thus working towards 'borderless' DVB technology. 

Extensions to the MHEG-5 v1.06 Specification

Cabot has been actively involved with the extensions to the MHEG-5 v1.06 specification, including chairing the development of the HD Graphics Plane Extensions.  Cabot’s MHEG-5 engine fully supports:

  • The Interaction Channel Extension: providing an internet connection for the submission and retrieval of data such as viewer votes, competition entries or product purchasing details
  • The IC Streaming Extension: enabling the streaming of video/audio from the internet
  • The HD Graphics Plane Extension: providing high resolution graphics capability, including 32 bit colour, photo quality images and support for downloadable fonts, enabling customers to utilise corporate fonts and styles
  • The Lifecycle Extension: allowing an MHEG application to “stay alive” during a channel change

The Native Application Extension is also currently being integrated allowing MHEG limited control over native applications on the receiver, such as trailer booking.